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'''Phillipe de Plessis''' ([[1165]] – [[1209]]) was the 13th [[Grand Masters of the Knights Templar|Grand Master]] of the [[Knights Templar]]. He was born in the fortress of Plessis-Macé, [[Anjou]], [[France]]. In 1189 he joined the [[Third Crusade]] as a simple knight, and discovered the [[Order of the Temple]] in [[Palestine]]. After the death of [[Gilbert Horal]] he became Grand Master. He helped uphold the treaty between [[Saladin]] and [[Richard I of England|Richard I]]. In the renewal of this treaty in 1208 he suggested that the [[Teutonic Order]] and [[Knights Hospitaller|Hospitallers]] should make a new peace treaty offer with [[al-Adil I|Malek-Adel]]. The accord was criticised by [[Pope Innocent III]].
There were few military actions during his rule; the [[Fourth Crusade]] never arrived in the Holy Land. The German King was in opposition to the Knights regarding the [[Gastein]] stronghold. The Templars were initially expelled from Germany, but the pope intervened in the dispute.
Relations with the Hospitaliers were tense. During his rule the Order of the Temple reached its greatest height in [[Europe]].
His name is last documented in 1209. The ''Obituary of Reims'' gives the date of his death as [[November 12]], [[1209]].
{{DEFAULTSORT:Plessis, Phillipe de}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Plessis, Phillipe de}}

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